Tuesday, 25 April 2017

G-sides + Scribble Bomb 2.0

Last years g-sides hit 11 character sketches
this year i managed 2 more :D

Lots of folks like my previous scribble bomb
so scribble bomb “2.0” is a thing now,
i’d like to say eminent detonation t-minus X- days for the next one
but its crunch time at university so that will have to wait..
the scribbles are mainly things out of the sketch book, driscardable sketches
from the drafting table or from the wild wide world, main aim was to create a wallpaper
cause it seems like i can right click on anybody’s work and have a great background
but for some reason not my images, may be the resolution or the my image file quality save
but it was bugging me.

also I never knew chestnuts grow in spikey tennis balls! pic included

if you’ve reach this far heres some epic tracks:
epic because i pulled these ones out of hour long mixes:
CHVRN - Cold Sun
fraunhofer diffraction – somewhere but not here
VSN7 - Overcome
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have a great week, till next time
dream in lead.
[clay/graphite mixture = pencil]

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